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Photosheppard Productions
Find out the services we offer for your growing business
A range of possibilities, capturing you and your brand
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Moments captured and stories told in motion
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Giving your brand a platform to shine

Photosheppard - Capturing your brand

Supplying a range of services to instil your passion, for your business, brand or product, to your customers.  Creating engaging content to instantly connect with your client or customer.  Based in Kent, working with a number of local and worldwide clients.  Working side by side with you to create the content you need to help your business thrive!

Take a look at what we can offer you to help you grow and capture your brand!


You need photography that catches your customers imagination. Create imagery to inspire and compel. Telling your story and uniqueness through portraiture, products, events etc.

See how our photography services can help expand your marketing potential.


Video, the art of storytelling.  Whether it’s a 20 minute demonstration or a 15 second behind the scenes video.  Video is needed to create an engaging visual entrance to you and your story.  Find out how to create something stunning.


See how our video services can help your ROI.


You need a presence on the Internet. Something eye-catching, but also informative. Explaining everything you do in a concise and professional manner, while including the part that makes you… well you. See how we can create a website to speak for you.

To find out about our website services and packages, to build the site you need.